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How do I know if it’s Dementia?

5 years ago ·

How do I know if it’s Dementia?

You may be looking at your loved one asking, “How do I know if it’s Dementia?”

Let’s start with the definition of dementia first.

Dementia is a decline in cognitive function. To be considered dementia, mental impairment must affect at least two brain functions. Those brain functions can be:

  • language
  • memory
  • thinking
  • behavior
  • judgement

Dementia is not a disease but it is caused by an injury or illness.  It can range from mild to severe and can progressively get worse overtime.  You might be happy to hear that some dementia is treatable and reversible.

What are possible symptoms of Dementia?

  • Confusion – Confusion over sense of direction, who people are, places, or events that took place.
  • Word recollection – Difficult searching for the right words, or word association.
  • Short-term memory loss – Memory loss with events that just took place but no trouble remembering things that took place years ago.
  • Mood swings – Typical moods turn to depression, frustration, and anger.
  • Everyday tasks become difficult – It can become a struggle to remember how to do  normal tasks they they have done for many years.
  • Unable to cope well with change –  Difficult in adapting to a change of schedule or environment.
  • Loss of interest – Hobbies and activities that once were enjoyed no longer do.
  • Apathy – They no longer show empathy to others.

Can Dementia Be Treated?

Dementia can be treated in some cases but not in all.

You may be able to treat dementia through medication.  Chollinesterase inhibitors and Memantine.  Side effects can occur so it is good to talk to your health care provider about the pros and cons about them.

A non-drug therapy is also an option that can help reduce the symptoms of the disease.  Reducing over stimulation can help along with a health care provider breaking down everyday tasks to make them more manageable.  Occupational therapy with the help of a health care provider make the patient learn how to be safer and more secure with tasks.

Contact Allied Senior Living for more information on Dementia.

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